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Go Green!

When you think of “green” wedding invitations, most people automatically think of recycled paper. That is one option for leaning green with your event planning, but there are many other ways to keep the environment in mind when ordering invites. Here are some ideas:

Less is more. Consider reducing the overall paper use in your invite altogether. This could mean single envelopes instead of double envelopes, adding reception info to the invitation itself instead of using a separate card, or employing an RSVP postcard instead of the standard card and envelope.

What about cotton? There are many printing companies who use tree-free paper for printing all of their invitations. Cotton paper makes a gorgeous printing surface and comes in many price points, styles, colors and textures.

Soy ink can also be an option. There are several letterpress printing companies who use soy-based inks that release fewer chemicals throughout the printing process. Though the average run of invitations uses less than a tablespoon of ink as it is, soy inks are gaining in popularity as consumers become more and more environmentally conscious.

Buy local! Purchasing your invitations from a printing house in the New York metro area reduces the carbon footprint of your wedding! If your finished invites don’t have to travel by plane or truck, you’ve saved a polar bear! Some of our favorite printers deliver their finished products via subway. We think that’s a great way to help the environment and support local artisans!

Our Green Friends. We carry these eco-friendly customizable paper stocks and design elements:

Green Paper Company. An exclusive line of recycled paper with decorative envelope and envelope liner options.
Waste Not Paper. An environmentally friendly source of beautiful papers.

Eco-friendly invitation designers.
While most printers are working very hard to be conscious of their environment and their impact upon it, there are some that have been ahead of the curve in going that extra mile, who use cotton or recycled papers or offer soy ink.

They include:

Cranes & Co.
Julie Holcomb
Real Card Studio
Wiley Valentine