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Quips, Tips and Expert Advice

When counting guests for your invitations, remember that invites do not go to individuals… they go to households! A family of four may need only one invitation. When you count your list, remember to count households. And then add a few extras, since guest lists have a way of getting longer.

What to say; how to say it? There is no invitation wording challenge we can’t handle! If you have questions about how to word your invite or any of the corresponding pieces, we can help with all etiquette queries. It used to be that whoever paid for the wedding was listed as the host, but these days it’s not uncommon for the wording of the invitation to sometimes reflect a more familial feel and list both the bride and groom’s parents – no matter who is hosting.

Have a design in mind? Let’s make it happen! One of the things we love most is working with clients to create custom invitations that are not found in any book, catalogue or magazine. Just allow a little more design time for custom invites and put your creativity cap on as we work together to figure out the prefect design for your day.

Confused about double envelopes? What does that even mean? If you order double envelopes, it means that there is another, slightly smaller envelope directly inside the mailing envelope. That smaller one holds everything – invite, RSVP, etc. The envelope-within-an-envelope is a nod to tradition, but not required. So if you want to save a little paper, you can forgo the “double envelopes” and opt for single instead.

What about postage? There is no set postage price for wedding invitations. They vary greatly in size, weight, and shape and all of those factors have affect how much it will cost to send them. The only way to be sure that you have enough postage on your invites is to take a ready-to-mail sample to the post office and ask them to weight it for you. Don’t forget that you should also pre-stamp your RSVP envelopes for your guests.

Thinking of using address labels? Think again! There are several ways to address your invitations without turning them into something that looks like an office mass mailing. Lion in the Sun offers hand calligraphy as well as computer-printed calligraphy services. If you’re working on a budget, consider asking someone in your family or your bridal party to address the envelopes for you. Or do them yourself! You can always order extra envelopes just in case, and who doesn’t love to see a hand-addressed something waiting for them in their mailbox?

Get those thank you notes written ASAP! Promptly acknowledging the receipt of a gift with a personal note is an absolute must. It doesn’t have to be a novel, just a few sentences saying that you like the gift and tell them how you plan to use it. You can also thank them for celebrating with you. Thank you notes are classy, cool and another chance to show off some fun stationery.